May 17, 2012 - Col Scott Beidleman

Colonel Scott W. Beidleman is the Director, Development, Planning, Space and Missle Systems (SMC) Los Angeles Air Force Base, California.  As director, the colonel is responsible to the Commander of SMC for the planning of future space and missile missions across the Center.  His Directorate develops new materiel concepts to satisfy requirements provided by Headquarters Air Force Space Command.  He directs an SMC modeling and simulation capability to assess the performance of these concepts.  He is also responsible for the planning process for technology investment needs across the Center, and conducting project demonstrations.

**** NOTICE ****

**** NEW Location this Month ****

Gordon Conference Center
Los Angeles AFB
200 N. Douglas
El Segundo, CA 90245

REGISTRATION and information is required in advance.


He is one of the best.

He is one of the best. Colonel Scott W. Beidleman is
a respected man in the US Military and he is now
here to demonstrate to us the projects that the
US Military ahs produced.

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