Young Industry AFCEAN: Nick Farinacci, TEK systems

Young Government AFCEAN: Andrea Loper

Young Military AFCEANs: Capt John Milan, Capt David Merrill


"The Los Angeles Chapter of AFCEA supports the Annual Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair and is donating a cash prize to participant award winners.  Young AFCEANs are encouraged to be part of this event and support STEM activities by volunteering as judges.  If you are interested, please visit:

You may also contact:
Emily Hoffman, Judging Committee
Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair
626-833-3501 (cell)


Our next volunteer events in which YOUNG AFCEANs will support is:

Wednesday, 3 Feb 2016, from 5:30 – 8:00 pm
700 Center St, El Segundo, CA 90245

" The Los Angeles Chapter of AFCEA supports the Center Street Elementary School Science Night and is providing a cash donation to fund supplies for the event. Young AFCEANs are encouraged to be part of this event and support STEM activities by volunteering to run science night event activities.  If you are interested, please contact the local Government AFCEAN, Ms. Andrea Loper at: for further details."

December 2015
"The Los Angeles Chapter of Young AFCEANS toured Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) Headquarters in Hawthorne, California on 9 December 2015 to learn more about the the private company advancing the Space Launch Business and sustaining NASA support to the International Space Station.  Lars Hoffman, Senior Director of Government Sales, conducted the tour of the facility and provided a great over view of the company's mission, accomplishments and current and future goals.  Young AFCEANs were able to learn about a corporation innovating the space industry and the impact of a young entrepreneur - CEO Mr. Elon Musk - who's vision of enabling people to live on other planets isn't just a movie script, but a goal with actionable objectives. Young AFCEANs toured the design and manufacture facilities and witnessed the energy of vision at work.  After touring the facility, Young AFCEANS gathered for lunch at the Eureka Tasting Kitchen, located in the Hawthorne airport next to Space X, to discuss all they had seen and learned. "